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 Clarinet Repairs

Tenon Cork    
  Soprano Clarinet $10.25
  Alto & Bass Clarinet $16.00
Spring Replacement    
  Needle $15.00
  Flat $15.00
Replating Keys (starting price only this is not a per key fee)  

there may be extra fees if the metal needs preparations for plating (dents, corrosion scratches)

  Silver $25.00
  Nickel $25.00
Clean and Service    

included: disassemble, clean and polish the body, clean the pads, oil the keys, adjust then polish the instrument.

  Student Resin Clarinet $75.00
  Wooden Clarinet $100.00

includes oiling the bore of the instrument

  Alto & Bass Clarinet $125.00
  Wooden Alto & Bass Clarinet $150.00

includes oiling the bore of the instrument


*all price subject to change

All other small repairs need to be estimated: dent work, small adjustments, replacing a few pads, key corks and clean and polish. Estimates are free and will be done while you wait.

Cracks or Broken Tenons

Cracks in a wooden clarinet need attention as soon as that are noticed. If a crack is repaired early it will reduce leaks and major damage. Most cracks can be repaired by pinning the crack so it doesn't spread further and fill the area to hide the crack, prices start at $25.00 per pin.

Some damage may need a tenon or even the body graf. This is a very major repair that would only be estimated after inspection of the instrument.


The instrument will be disassembled cleaned and polished.  All the pads, key corks and felts will be replaced.  Wooden instruments will be oiled.  Refit the tenons, dents will be removed and keys will be refit to the body.  Spring will be replaced where necessary.  To finish the instrument will be play tested and polished.

Soprano Clarinet Recondition  
  Resin Body $235.00
  Wooden Body Bladder Pads $305.00
  Wooden Body Cork Pads $360.00

more moisture resistant longer pad life

Alto Clarinet    
  Resin Body $380.00
  Wooden Body $390.00
Bass Clarinet    
  Resin Body $495.00
  Wooden Body $520.00
Contra Alto/Bass Clarinet    
  Contra Clarinet $545.00

*all price subject to change


The highest quality of repair is essential for the optimum performance of both students and professionals. olving technical problems that arise in performance at all musical levels. We attain these goals by staffing our shop with the finest repair technicians available, people who are also accomplished musicians, and providing a state of the art repair facility. 

These combined factors allow Volkwein's Music to service your needs, from minor repairs to complete overhauls, with the same promptness, courtesy and quality. As always, our service is guaranteed. Please allow Volkwein's Music to handle your repair needs.
Brass InstrumentsPercussion InstrumentsString InstrumentsWoodwind Instruments
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