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Here are some repairs that you might not have expected Volkwein's Music can handle for you. Are large facilities allow us to repair some instruments that you may think are unable to be repaired. Most instruments are able to be repaired and with our high quality of work you may never know they were ever damaged.

Volkwein's Repair Center can provide the best plating and refinishing services in the area. For example, if you have an old instrument or even a new mouthpiece, we can provide many plating options:

copper, nickel, silver and gold. We can also perform electroplating, which is a process of adding metal through electrolysis and is not a paint or liquid added to the metal. Plating may be just for cosmetic proposes or for hyperallergenic reasons. Some  individuals may have allergies to certain metal alloys, and plating with a different metal or material can add some relief for these medical conditions. Another reason you may choose to plate is to add new life to an old instrument. Volkwein's can completely refinish keys, mouthpieces and even your entire instrument. Also, stripping, cleaning and polishing an old, beat-up instrument can make it look like new. In addition to plating, we also provide lacquer services. Volkwein's uses an epoxy lacquer that is sprayed and baked on the instrument for a long durable shine.
Silver Plating Gold Plate
Half Finish Samples are Available at Our Store

The highest quality of repair is essential for the optimum performance of both students and professionals. Volkwein's Music is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of musical instrument maintenance and guidance in solving technical problems that arise in performance at all musical levels. We attain these goals by staffing our shop with the finest repair technicians available, people who are also accomplished musicians, and providing a state of the art repair facility. 

These combined factors allow Volkwein's Music to service your needs, from minor repairs to complete overhauls, with the same promptness, courtesy and quality. As always, our service is guaranteed. Please allow Volkwein's Music to handle your repair needs.
Brass InstrumentsPercussion InstrumentsString InstrumentsWoodwind Instruments
Volkwein's Music
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